Saint Trofee was founded in 2008. It's mission is to innovate refrigeration. We do this by:

Contribution to international research projects: 

  • MINIREF (EU contract 01245), with the objective to reduce refrigerant content in Industrial refrigeration installations (HFK and NH3).
  • FRISBEE (EU contract 245288), with the objective to innovate and optimize refrigeration along the food chain. 
  • ESTORE (EIT-KIC) - see Time of Use control
  • Commercial Refrigeration Equipment benchmarking (CLASP, USA) - see Retail Refrigeration
  • Supermarket Performance Indicators (IEA - HPT Annex 44), see Retail Refrigeration
Products / product development:
  • Thermal simulation software for food products (BERtix, BAKtix).
  • Time of Use (ToU) controllers for refrigeration installations have been developed in projects NightWind, ESTORE and ColdShift. These controllers perform intelligent load shifting, without compromising temperatures.   
  • ActiveWall is a wall integrated air to air heat pump under development. This development is funded by the Cleantech Energy Crossing (InterReg) project.