Cooling and freezing simulation of bakery products can be done with BAKtix, as it can cope with the peculiarities of cooling and freezing specific foodstuffs.

+ BAKtix includes moisture transport and can simulate the freezing trajectory

+ BAKtix includes heat transport by evaporation/condensation in porous media

+ BAKtix includes a database of thermophysical properties for bakery products

Designers of industrial refrigeration systems need to know the freezing time of products, and the refrigeration capacity which is needed. Of course, both depend on the conditions of the freezing air; at lower air temperatures freezing will be quicker, and will require a larger (momentaneous) refrigerating capacity. Not only the air temperature, but also the air velocity can play an important role. Baktix provides: 


  • Simulation of the cooling- and freezing process
  • Calculation of cooling- and freezing times
  • Display of product temperatures and liquid content during the cooling process

In a special (FRISBEE) version, BAKtix simulates the amount and size of ice crystals in the product.