Waide Strategic Efficiency, Saint Trofee and Cemafroid conducted a CRE benchmarking study for CLASP (USA). This benchmarking study focuses on products that are most commonly used and regulated. These are commercial reach-in coolers (including refrigerated display cabinets and beverage coolers) and refrigerated vending machines.

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This analysis focuses on nine economies – including Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, Mexico, South Africa and the US – that demonstrate high energy savings potential through adopting more proactive policy measures for CRE. 

In order to facilitate the comparability of efficiency policies across these economies, this study:

  • Identifies the national test procedures applied in the target economies and their equivalence to international or national test procedures;
  • Compares the differences in the testing procedures to assess the expected impact on rated energy performance;
  • Develops energy performance benchmarks; and
  • Assesses higher energy efficiency design options and potential efficiency improvement cost-benefits.