New IEA Annex 44: Performance indicators for energy efficient supermarket buildings.

If you have the responsibility over the energy consumption of a chain of supermarket stores, then what is the way to invest in energy efficiency with the best value for money? The best bet is to start with the store having the lowest energy efficiency, the weakest link in the chain. Therefore you would need to identify which store is –energetically- the weakest link in the chain. This may not be obvious at first sight, a good projection helps to identify the weakest link – just as the image shows.  This is the objective of the IEA Annex 44 “Performance indicators for energy efficient supermarket buildings”.  

It has been estimated that 3-5 % of total global electricity use stems from supermarkets in industrialized countries. Typically, 40 to 60 % of this electricity use is related to the refrigeration equipment, with a potential for economically viable energy savings amounting to more than 50 %.

Global energy consumption data for individual stores of supermarket chains are often available, through own measurements or from the utility bills.  But this data only becomes meaningful when put in the right context of sales area, outdoor temperatures, etc. - only then can the actual energetic performance of individual shops be assessed. A method to do this will be developed in this Annex, with an emphasis on practical use instead of academic perfection.  The kick off meeting for this Annex will be held in June 2013 in Stockholm – with participants from Sweden and The Netherlands. Other participants are encouraged and welcome to join this new Annex.  

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A projection can help to identify the weakest link.