Cooling of Meat: Simulation of cooling time, cooling capacity and weight loss with BERtix 

Designers of slaughterhouses need to know the cooling time of carcasses, and the cooling capacity which is needed. Of course, both depend on the conditions of the cooling air; at lower air temperatures cooling will be quicker, and will require a larger (momentaneous) cooling capacity. Not only the air temperature, but also the air velocity and air humidity play an important role.

BERtix calculates cooling time and cooling capacity for a given product, based on the air conditions (temperature, air speed and relative humidity).

The product can be selected from four standard products (pork, beef, chicken, turkey) and further detailed concerning product weight and constitution (fat / lean meat distribution).

The owners of slaughterhouses are very interested in the weight loss of the products during cooling. BERtix provides the answer through it's weight loss calculation, which runs automatically with the cooling calculation. 


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